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eDM Guidelines
Version: v1.0
Updated on: 18/08/10


    They will not animate in Outlook 2007, only the first frame will be displayed.
    If you are going to use it anyway, make sure the FIRST FRAME is meaningful.


  1. Try to not exceed width of 700 pixels
    When displaying in Preview Panel of Outlook, it may force the user to scroll horizontally if the pane is on the RHS.

  2. Enclose the eDM in a table of the maximum width (eg 700 pixels)
    This will prevent graphics from being resized.

  3. Avoid IMAGE MAPS
    If the image is resized (as in point 2 above) then the mapping will be incorrect.
    Also when forwarding the email using certain email clients, the Mapped link is not forwarded

  4. Avoid DIVS tags
    Alignment may not be interpreted correctly in MS Outlook.

  5. Avoid TABLE background image
    Alignment may not be interpreted correctly in MS Outlook or other email client.